03: “After work, late at night”, bars 11-18.

Bars 11-18 is an exact repetition of bars 3 -10. Instead of repeating the string  arrangement we already have, let’s create some variation here. In the arrangement below, violin 1 has been divided in two sections. The melody is played by the 2nd division while the 1st section plays a new background line. In bars 16-18 the two divided sections are playing the melody doubled in octaves. Because of the higher octave doubling in violins 1, the basses are placed one octave lower than it shows in the piano part, this creates a nice balance:
Listen to the string arrangement bars 11-18:

Screen Shot 2015-10-31 at 19.59.52

Published by André

André van Haren was born in 1963 in Holland. In 1990 he received a Bachelor Degree in Music in Classical Piano and Composition from the Conservatory in Utrecht, The Netherlands. His main instrument is the piano. He has written and arranging music for various ensembles including piano, choir, chamber ensembles and orchestra.

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